Reykjavík is a touristic city, full of hotels, hostels and private houses and apartments for rent, so you should not have problem with finding suitable accommodation in various price ranges. You can look them up at and

Buddhist Center

Our Buddhist Center is very small, so there will be no possibility of sleeping there, visits only.

Hotels & Hostels

We recommend those places, where we manage to arrange some discounts for you for bookings  during course period:

KEX Hostel - the NORDICCOURSE code is valid for bookings between the 22nd and the 31st of October, use this link to book a bed.

BRIM Hotel - 15% discount for bookings made directly by e-mail with discount code: NORDIC COURSE

Hótel Klettur - 10% discount for for all available room types with promo code "nordic".

Sleeping Hall

We managed to secure small sleeping hall - 30 minute walk from Buddhist Center and around 10 minute car ride from city center.

It is a small place without almost any amenities. We have only few places there, so please, if you can afford other sleeping option, leave these places to those in bigger need.

The night will cost 5 €. You need to bring your own sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. You can reserve a place by writing to us: